6 Best Prevention of colon cancer

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer has been discovered to be the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Usually, cancer starts as a small clump of non-cancerous cells known as adenomatous polyps and most people start experiencing the symptoms when it has already advanced. Such symptoms include severe stomach pain, flatulence, regular constipation, bleeding in the rectum and change in the bowel movements.

Accumulated toxins in the colon wall have been suggested to lead to the development and advancing of cancer polyps that cause cancer, hence experts believe that regularly cleansing the colon can prevention  of colon cancer. Both colon cleansing and full body cleansing are beneficial as they aid healthy living by removing harmful body toxins and fecal matters… The difference between the two is that one focuses on the colon, while the other is a wholesome body activity.

Below are sure ways in the prevention of colon cancer:

1. Start with a healthy diet

To decrease health risks, eat foods rich in natural fibers like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes; and avoid foods with high levels of fat and cholesterol because they increase the risk of colon cancer.

2. Have a colon cancer examination once you attain age 50

Although the average diagnostic age of colon cancer is 64, it has been established that about 90 percent of people with colon cancer are aged 50 or older. It has also been proven that from the age of 50, the ratio of people that would acquire polyps in the colon is 1 in 4. Early colon cancer examination aids its prevention.

3. If you experience any symptoms similar to that of colon cancer

It is better to seek medical attention: Even though colon cancer can be prevented if diagnosed early, it persists because patients usually don’t feel the symptoms early enough. Associated severe pain is usually experienced during the fourth stage when it has advanced.

4. Live an active lifestyle

Exercising tends to reduce the incidence of factors leading to colon cancer such as diabetes and obesity. Also, different researches have pointed out that the risk of colon cancer can be reduced by up to 40% with an active lifestyle

5. Don’t expose yourself to radiation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted a study that posits that regular exposure to cosmic radiation can instigate colorectal cancer.

6. Smoking is hazardous to health

Obviously! Smoking causes several diseases and cancers including the development of colon cancer. This is because the inhaled tobacco can transmit carcinogens to the colon, hence increasing the size of the cancer polyp.

All 6 best prevention of colon cancer. A lot of studies in this illness want samples of your feces. In case you opt to stay away from several medical tests inside the physician’s office you can actually occasionally get a fecal occult blood medical tests performed in your home. Most of these medical tests just check out blood inside your feces. Anybody who is never absolutely comfortable with the actual techniques important for curing cancer tumor must talk to an expert who could have the suitable advice as well as ideas associated with reassurance to be able to stress the actual significance of the measures.

10 Best Diet for Colon Cancer

10 Best Diet for Colon cancer

is  important .Professionals argue that making even the slightest of lifestyle and diet changes can prevent over 70% of colon cancers. Here is a great diet for colon cancer.

The following are the top 10 diet for colon cancer.

1. Lentils, Peas, Beans, and Other Foods

Rich in Folate Pile your dishes with these foods if colon cancer is a common problem in your family. Just like fiber, these foods are rich in folate (a kind of vitamin B that protects DNA cell from damage. These foods can decrease the probability of getting colon cancer by 40%.

diet for colon cancer


2. Milk

Milk is a nutritious product. In addition to developing strong bones, milk helps to protect you from colon cancer. A glass of milk lowers the chance of getting cancer by 15% (what if you drink two or three?).


3. Cruciferous Veggies

Diet for colon cancer. They include cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnips parsnips, broccoli, kale, broccolini, kohrabi, and rutabagas. This diet for colon cancer helps boost your immune system and is one of the most powerful cancer fighting diets. These veggies reduce the chance of getting cancer by 50%.


4. Whole Grains

High-fiber whole grains help to speed food via your digestive system, hence any carcinogens you might have consumed doesn’t linger in your stomach to cause trouble. Furthermore, these foods are digested by bacteria in your gut, forming compounds that avert against carcinogenic bile acids. People who eat whole grains meals are 40% less likely to suffer from colon cancer.

5. Turmeric

This spice is common in most Indian foods. The yellow pigment in this spice, known as curcumin, is believed to be a great anticancer agent. Also, it is highly anti-inflammatory, easing inflammation that is believed to result in tumor development. Turmeric also helps to clean carcinogens from your body before they destroy your DNA cell and it helps to stop the spread of cancer cells.

6. Chicken and Fish

As there is evidence which shows red meat causes colon cancer, then you need to switch to diet for colon cancer: chicken and fish. Eating fish two to three times per week helps to reduce the possibility of developing colon cancer by 30%. Fish also provides you with omega-3 fatty acids which prevent gut inflammation. If you hate fish, chicken can be your solution as it doesn’t cause colon cancer.

7. Onions and Garlic Both

onions and garlic have sulfides, which aid to clear your carcinogens and make cancer cells to destroy themselves. People who consume garlic regularly have a 32% lower risk of developing colon cancer. Onion takers reduce the probability of getting colon cancer by 28-52%, depending on the serving.

8. Green and Black Tea

Compounds found in tea help to deactivate cancer-causing agents. Also, they stalemate the development of cancer cells and boost them to destroy themselves. You will be 30% less likely to suffer from colon cancer if take tea regularly.

9. Yogurt

All dairy products are rich in vitamin D, which is believed to reduce the chances of getting colon cancer. Particular, yogurt has active bacterial cultures which aid to maintain a balance between bad and good bacteria that support your gastrointestinal health. Yogurt is also rich in calcium which helps to prevent colon cancer.

10. Brown Rice Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice and it can protect you against colon cancer. Just like most whole grains stuff, brown rice is a great source of fiber, making it a healthy meal.

From the list above, you cannot miss a diet for colon cancer that will suite your needs. Try these meals and you have minimal risk of getting colon cancer.